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Over 12,000 visitors and almost 20,000 views — thank you!

Over 12,000 visitors and almost 20,000 views — thank you!

Many thanks to all of you who have visited and viewed Language Matters.

Languages do matter!

Why French? — in the NY Times “Interpreter”

I am delighted to be mentioned in the “What We’re Reading” Section of the NY Times Interpreter
What We’re Reading
“The number of global French speakers is expected to rise from 220 million today to 767 million (!!) by 2060. The linguist Kathy Stein-Smith explains why and what it means for the world.”
The link refers back to my article, “Why French?” in Language Magazine.
Languages do matter!

Kathy’s new book — 446 downloads and 116 Worldcat Libraries

I am so excited to share that my new book has been downloaded 446 times and is in 116 Worldcat libraries.

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Languages do matter!

Map shows the astounding number of languages spoken in Queens

“As anyone who’s even been on the 7 train—the MTA’s so-called ‘international express’—can tell you, Queens is diverse. In fact, there’s nowhere in the world with as many languages as the largest borough in a city of 800 languages, according to the Endangered Language Alliance (ELA).

To help distinguish your Tagalog from your Telugu, the ELA has spent the past six years developing an annotated map of the world’s languages capital, which is featured in the book Nonstop Metropolis: A New York City Atlas by Rebecca Solnit and Joshua Jelly-Schapiro, who argue: ‘The capital of linguistic diversity, not just for the five boroughs, but for the human species, is Queens.'”

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Languages do matter!

Indifference toward Foreign Languages Could Cost Americans

“The numbers are a result of languages other than English being spoken in the home rather than as a result of languages actively being taught to students in public schools. The Pew Research Center found that while the majority of European nations require students learn one or more foreign languages, the United States has no such requirements.”

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Languages do matter!

8500 views of Kathy’s TEDx talk on the U.S. Foreign Language Deficit — Thank You! :)

Many thanks to all of you — 8500+ — who have taken the time to view my TEDx talk on the U.S. foreign language deficit.

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Languages do matter!

Yellen: Globalization Makes Higher Education Increasingly Important

“Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen on Monday defended the value of higher education as a protection against the twin pressures of technological change and globalization.

The Fed chief said a college degree will be increasingly important to help workers compete in a labor market that crosses national borders and is constantly inventing ways to replace people with machines.”

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Languages do matter!

18,000 views — Many thanks to all of you who have viewed “Language Matters” :)

:)18,000 views — Many thanks to all of you who have viewed “Language Matters.”

Languages do matter!

Kathy’s New Peer-Reviewed Article on the Role of Multilingualism in Effectively Addressing Global Issues

I am delighted that my new peer-reviewed  article, “The Role of Multilingualism in Effectively Addressing Global Issues: The Sustainable Development Goals and Beyond,” has been published in the December 2016 issue of Theory and Practice in Language Studies.

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Languages do matter!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Best Thanksgiving wishes to all my readers!  🙂