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Over 29,000 views — Thank you!

Over 29,000 views — many thanks to all of you who have taken the time to view Language Matters!

Languages do matter!


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North Jersey dominates when it comes to households that speak another language

“With the large number of immigrants that live in New Jersey, it’s no surprise that many households speak a language other than English at home — and those households are heavily concentrated in North Jersey.

Among the 20 towns with the highest percentage of households that speak a language other than English at home, most are located in Bergen, Passaic and Hudson counties.”

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Languages do matter!

Enjoying the Bastille Day Celebration in Piermont, NY

I thoroughly enjoyed attending the Bastille Day Celebration yesterday in Piermont.

Even as we approached the celebration itself in the center of town, French flags were everywhere, and a mini Eiffel Tower, a realistic-looking (but fake) guillotine, and a venerable Citroën DS “Déesse” were the centerpieces of a celebration.

Bastille 07-14-18 9

“Bleu, blanc, et rouge” and other signs of France were to be seen everywhere, and many participants and visitors, outdoor restaurant tables and their centerpieces, and even the drums in the band tent, were dressed in the colors of France.

One display featured pictures of everyday objects and their names in French, and another had a centerpiece of Veuve Clicquot boxes, a mini Eiffel Tower, and a French flag.

The excellent Piermont Historical Society exhibit on the ties between France and the United States, dating back to the role of the Marquis de Lafayette in our American Revolution was further enhanced by the narrative given by an articulate and well-informed speaker dressed in a revolutionary-era uniform.

In addition to vendors, artists, and even a “Promenade des Arts,” a band playing at either end of the celebration created a fun atmosphere for all

The setting, on the beautiful Hudson River just a few miles north of New York City, and a cloudless blue sky, only added to the enjoyment of the event.

Many thanks to the Piermont Chamber of Commerce and other organizers, the participants, and all those who attended in recognition of the long-standing relationship between the United States and France, and between the French and the Americans.


Bastille Day 2018 Celebrations in France, in the US, and around the world

France produces the most World Cup players. Here’s why.

“French-born players are competing for national teams from Europe, Africa, and South America.

Fifty players at this year’s World Cup were born or raised in France. That’s far more than the number of those hailing from any other country. But not all these athletes play for France. ”

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Languages do matter!

The Five Countries That Set World Culture

“Rather than military, political or economic might, it’s the culture of these countries that most strongly impacts the wider world.

Global influence is often measured by military, political or economic might, but for some countries, it’s the strength of the culture – its food, fashion or entertainment – that most strongly impacts the wider world.

These culturally influential countries were recently ranked by U.S. News and World Report, based on factors like being perceived as prestigious, fashionable, trendy, happy, modern or culturally significant in terms of entertainment. While many of the top 10 countries were in Europe, including Italy, Spain, France and the UK, the list also included Japan (ranking high for being modern and prestigious), Brazil (for its happy populace and entertainment), and the United States (for being modern and culturally influential).”

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Languages do matter!

I am so happy to have received the July issue of Language Magazine with my article on the resurgence of French.

“‘Every man has two countries, his own and France.’ (Sentiment attributed to Thomas Jefferson)

Lang mag 07-18

French is in the air — 

Already the second most widely studied language around the world, and in the U.S., French language and francophone culture are part of our daily lives, even if we never leave the U.S.”


Read more in the July issue of Language Magazine.

Thank you, Lang Mag!

Languages do matter!




Over 1,800 likes for our AATF Commission on Advocacy FB page. Many thanks to all!

Over 1,800 likes for our AATF Commission on Advocacy FB page. Many thanks to all of you who like the page and the posts, and who make comments and ask questions.

“The American Association of Teachers of French (AATF) Commission on Advocacy works to advocate for the French language and Francophone culture.”

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Languages do matter!

1,000 views of “Language Matters” in May 2018 — Thank you!

1,000 views of “Language Matters” in May.

Many thanks to all of you who took the time to view, to like, and to comment.

Languages do matter!