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Over 16,000 views — Kathy’s article, “Foreign language classes becoming more scarce,” in “The Conversation” — thank you! :)

Over 16,000 views — thank you! 🙂

Thank you all for taking the time to read my article, “Foreign language classes becoming more scarce,” in The Conversation.

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Languages do matter!

Kathy Presenting at AATF 2019 (American Association of Teachers of French)

It was a whirlwind 3 days this week at AATF 2019, the American Association of Teachers of French Congrès annuel, in Philadelphia.

After attending the keynote address on the 50 years of the Francophonie, the welcome luncheon, a workshop on authentic QuĂ©bĂ©cois texts, and the opening of the exhibit area, I attended sessions all day on Monday — on Philadelphia’s French connections, on innovation and advocacy, on French government initiatives to support K-12 French language teachers, on student travel to QuĂ©bec, and on the future of French in our colleges and universities.  In the evening, I attended an inspirational dinner meeting of ASFAP, the American Society of the French Academic Palms, at a local French restaurant, Bistrot la Minette.

AATF 2019

The following day, I attended a session on French government initiatives in Professional French, won a prize – a Bastille Day picnic basket — at the exhibitors’ tombola (I never win anything!), and had the honor and privilege of presenting on Strategic Advocacy for French Language and Francophone Culture Education: Session officielle de la Commission sur la DĂ©fense du Français, with Founding Chair, Tennessee Bob Peckham.

All too soon, it was time to head back to Penn Station for the train ride home.

As always, the AATF Congrès annuel is an inspirational event — in terms of both the dedication and professionalism of all the attendees, and of the creativity of the ideas and initiatives discussed in the sessions and in more informal conversations in English and en français.  It is also a wonderful opportunity to make new friends and to re-connect with colleagues we may only have been able to communicate with by email and/or social media throughout the year.

The Philadelphia setting, with its many French elements, and the venue were perfect. Congratulations to the Award winners. Many thanks to the organizers, and to the AATF President for hosting a luncheon for the Commission Chairs. Special thanks to my co-presenter, Tennessee Bob, and to all of you who attended our session.

À bientôt, à Trois-Rivières!

“Bastille Day, or French Every Day” — Kathy’s newest article — in France-Amerique

“With Bastille Day just around the corner, we should all work together to build on the enthusiasm, keep the momentum going, and encourage the growing interest in French and Franco-American heritage and history. Let’s work to make French language and Francophone culture part of our lives on Bastille Day, and every day!”


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Languages do matter!

Niksen Is the Dutch Lifestyle Concept of Doing Nothing—And You’re About to See It Everywhere

“First there was hygge, the Danish concept that made staying in and getting cozy cool. Then there was lagom, the Swedish mindset of approaching life with an “everything in moderation” mindset. Now there’s another Northern European trend that’s being embraced as a way to combat our increasingly busy and often stressful lives: niksen. The Dutch concept is as simple as, well, doing nothing.”

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Languages do matter!

Kathy’s newest article in the July issue of Language Magazine! :)

So happy to have an article in the July issue of Language Magazine.  🙂

Lang Mag 07-19

“‘Un Coup des Etats-Unis’ Kathy Stein-Smith describes how a global language has infiltrated American life and culture”

Languages do matter!