Language Matters

Kathleen Stein Smith, Ph.D

Kathy Presenting at the CSCTFL Conference in Milwaukee

I am honored to have presented at the historic 50th CSCTFL conference in Milwaukee on Friday, which I attended as both a presenter and member of the Advisory Council.

CSCTFL 2018 03-09-18 6

I presented on “Foreign Language Advocacy: Empowerment of Learners in a Globalized World,” a topic that is more important than ever, and a core value that drives my research, writing, and speaking.

The conference program had great depth, offering so many interesting choices during each session period. I attended interesting and informative workshops on virtual travel, increasing use of the target language in class, and developing curiosity about culture.

I visited the busy and well-attended exhibit area, housed a beautiful ballroom setting, and stopped the chat with friends at the AATF table.

The conference venue, in both the historic hotel and the spectacular Wisconsin Center, was impressive, and the exceptionally attentive and helpful tech support staff were greatly appreciated as well.

On a personal note, as always, I felt at home immediately due to the warmth and friendliness of both conference organizers and my fellow participants. I was also pleasantly surprised to see less snow in Milwaukee than in North Jersey!  🙂

Many thanks to the conference organizers for having invited me to present, congratulations to  CSCTFL on a wonderfully successful 50th anniversary conference, and best wishes for continued success.

Languages do matter!

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