Language Matters

Kathleen Stein Smith, Ph.D

Kathy’s News from the 2016 COFLT-WAFLT Conference

I was honored to have been invited to participate in the 2016 COFLT-WAFLT Conference (Confederation in Oregon for Language Teaching – Washington Association for Language Teaching) in Portland, Oregon, where I presented on “Foreign Language — Advocacy, Empowerment, and Career Pathways.”

I was impressed not only by the number of conference participants who attended my session on a stormy Saturday morning, but most importantly, by their engagement in foreign language advocacy for student empowerment and career success.

The scope and quality of the speakers and presentations were excellent, complemented by a friendly welcome, and the warmth and hospitality of everyone in attendance.

In addition to the inspirational keynote address, “You Can Make a Difference:  The Impact of Teaching Culture in the Target Language,” presented by Martina Bex, I attended the first hour of “Achieving 90% or More in the Target Language,” presented by Michele Stemler, “Target Language Use and Classroom Management:  High Leverage Strategies,” presented by Bridget Yaden and Paris Granville, “Credits, Careers and Competing in the Global Economy,” presented by Angela Dávila, “Linking National, State, and Local Advocacy,” presented by Bill Rivers, and “Two Easy Ways to Vocabulary Acquisition,” presented by Elena Smith.

The conference closed with a luncheon for each language taught, and I very much enjoyed attending the French language luncheon and sharing impressions of the conference en français with my new friends and colleagues!

Many thanks to all who worked to make the conference such a resounding success and to all who participated.

Bonne continuation!



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