Language Matters

Kathleen Stein Smith, Ph.D

Kathy at the UN today with the MLOW 2016 French language winners

It was a privilege and an honor today to accompany the Many Languages One World 2016 #MLOW2016 winners to the UN today.  As French language facilitator, I assisted the students as they prepared their presentations in French this week at Hofstra University.

The student winners were intelligent, articulate, well-informed, and committed to a sustainable world, and their presentations were brilliant!

I am so proud of the French language winners, whose French language skills, teamwork, and commitment to a sustainable world were exemplary.

Out topic was Goal 12:  Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.

We worked together as a community and team this week on the beautiful and busy campus of Hofstra University, and the students delivered their presentations in their second language at the UN today — they were wonderful!

After a celebratory lunch in the Delegates Dining Room, the students will enjoy a weekend of New York City sightseeing and tourism.

Many thanks to ELS  and to the UN Academic Impact for making this program possible.

Bravo, mes enfants, et bonne continuation!  🙂

The French language presentations may be viewed @

Languages do matter!


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