Language Matters

Kathleen Stein Smith, Ph.D

Kathy’s news from the AATF annual convention in Austin

I am delighted to share with you news from the AATF annual convention in Austin, where I presented the Session officielle de la Commission de l’AATF pour la Defense du francais, “French Language Skills — Your Career Differentiator,” this morning.

After arriving in Austin on Sunday morning, I attended the keynote Seance d’ouverture, “Vivre avec la terreur:  la France avant et apres les attaques de 2015,” presented by Julien Suaudeau.  On Sunday afternoon, I attended  “Advocating for French,” presented by Bill Rivers and Jayne Abrate.

On Monday, I attended “New Challenges, New Possibilities:  Handling the Higher Education Crisis in French,” presented by Catherine Danielou, Scott Sheridan, Alain-Philippe Duran, and Randa Duvick.  After my own presentation, I served as animatrice for “The Commission on Language Learning:  Its Import for French in the U.S.,” presented by Bill Rivers, the luncheon meeting of the Chairs of the AATF National Commissions as Chair of the Commission on Advocacy, “Nouveaux outils pour le reseau des professeurs de francais aux Etats-Unis,” presented by Karl Cogard and Jessica Fertinel, and “Forget about French?,” presented by Alain-Philippe Durand.

The presentations, exhibits, and the program were excellent, and it was wonderful to see old friends and make new ones.  🙂

Languages do matter!



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