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Kathleen Stein Smith, Ph.D

Dubrovnik Marks 1700 Years Since The Martyrdom Of Saint Blaise

“This year marks the 1700th anniversary of the martyrdom of Saint Blaise, a feast which will be celebrated on February 3, 2016.

St Blaise (Croatian: Sveti Vlaho) is the City of Dubrovnik’s patron saint and arguably its most beloved historical figure. For over one thousand years, Dubrovnik has celebrated the feast day of Saint Blaise by staging one of the most impressive and iconic annual festivals in Europe, and indeed, the world: the Festivity of Saint Blaise (Croatian: Festa svetoga Vlaha). The celebrations encompass the whole city and surrounding region, bringing everyone together. It is an event held dear to the hearts of locals and is the subject of great interest from visitors and tourists.

This more than impressive festival commemorates Saint Blaise’s salvation of Dubrovnik on the eve of a surprise attack in the now very distant year of 971.”

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