Language Matters

Kathleen Stein Smith, Ph.D

The World’s Most Spoken Languages In One Fascinating Infographic

“Whenever I meet someone of a different ethnicity, out of sheer curiosity, I always ask if they speak the language of their heritage. I like to see language as almost a binding agent that helps smooth over communication.

Business deals can go in a completely different direction if someone knows even a few words of another language, and, let’s be honest, traveling around the world and practicing different words you’ve picked up is fun. Having even a rudimentary understanding of another language also allows you to connect with someone of a different culture much more quickly, and people generally appreciate any efforts of communication in their own tongue. Science has also shed light on how learning more languages can improve your intelligence.

This interesting info-graph shows which languages are spoken the most around the world.  Any language which has at least 50 million first language speakers made the list, and this comprises 23 of the 7, 120 known languages around the world.”

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Languages do matter!


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