Language Matters

Kathleen Stein Smith, Ph.D

France’s ‘Generation Bataclan’ Hasn’t Lost Its Joie de Vivre

“Younger millennials in Paris feel under attack like never before — but their spirit endures

Just as terrorists targeted symbolic U.S. landmarks on 9/11, ISIS turned their guns on what makes Paris the most visited and beloved city in the world: its bars and cafés, its concerts, its unabashed embrace of joie de vivre. The 10th and 11tharrondissements that ISIS targeted were not the chic, touristy or especially wealthy parts of Paris. They were the diverse cosmopolitan quarters where the city’s young people drink and dance on weekends.

Speaking on Monday, French President François Hollande said the attackers targeted “youth in all its diversity.” The victims came from 19 countries. Most were French and most were young, many under 30.”

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Languages do matter!


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