Language Matters

Kathleen Stein Smith, Ph.D

Spain’s brutal heatwave is reviving the need for a siesta

“Foreigners have long coveted the leisurely siesta as a hallmark of Spanish culture. But in many parts of the country, the tradition has been fading thanks to globalization and economic pressure. Many Spanish urbanites have come to view the resting period as more trouble than its worth, even as some rural residents lament its decline.

 In the eastern province of Valencia, for instance, the town of Ador is fighting to keep the tradition alive.
The measure isn’t so much about tradition as addressing local needs, mayor Ador Joan Faus tells Quartz. Farmers need mid-day rest when the sun is strongest so they can resume work in the fields later in the day. And the heat is only intensifying; Spain has struggled to cope with a severe heatwave gripping Europe.”

Languages do matter!


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