Language Matters

Kathleen Stein Smith, Ph.D

Foreign Language Teaching: the French Vs the Moroccan Education System

“It’s in 1991, and during the Rüschlikon Symposium, that the European shared reference framework of languages was represented for the first time in Europe. This framework offers instruments for the elaboration of teaching and learning programs, guides and instruments of assessment.

In France, foreign languages learning is of a high importance and really reinforced since 1991 and thanks to the European shared reference framework of languages (CERCL[1]).

So, In France foreign languages are taught since the first grades of school. And the CERCL is the basis shared by the European Union state members in the conceiving or the elaboration of programs. It is the fruit of several years of linguistic research leaded by the EU experts in the domain of education and applied linguistics. Published and established starting from 1991, it constitutes a new and a total approach which aims to rethink language teaching objectives and methods. And it mainly provides shared cornerstones of programs, diplomas and certificates conceptions. In this way, it also fosters the professional and educative mobility of learners.”

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Languages do matter!

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