Language Matters

Kathleen Stein Smith, Ph.D

People Who Are Bilingual Are Smart, Creative And Better Lovers

“A growing body of research indicates that people who learn to speak more than one language throughout their lives have essentially trained their brains to be stronger muscles, making them smarter, more creative and more responsive to their own feelings and emotions.

When we can more easily connect with others in their native language, we are able to experience this world using so many different perspectives.

By understanding the effects being bilingual has on the brain, we can begin to see the enormous benefits speaking more than one language has on the human soul.

Not only does it better connect us to the world and people around us, but multiple languages help us connect to ourselves.

Language in its various forms can be used as a tool to help us understand our core morals, beliefs and even passions.

Language unlocks the door to the heart by allowing us to easily communicate with each other and ourselves.”

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Languages do matter!


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