Language Matters

Kathleen Stein Smith, Ph.D

It’s official! French is sexiest language in world

It’s official! French is sexiest language in world

“French has been voted as the sexiest language in the world, according to an international poll of globetrotters.

According to the survey, the country is marked as a desired tourist destination for not only its majestic architecture or its reputation as the capital of romance but also the sensual charm of the French language, the New York Daily News reported.”

This confirms an earlier 2004 survey by Philip Beresford @

“PEOPLE who speak a second language can earn an extra pounds 3, 000 a year and are even seen as sexier than the less linguistically talented. 

 A survey of businesses found managers were much more likely to hire someone with good language skills — and pay them more than a mono-lingual candidate. 

And the majority of dating agencies studied said foreign language speakers were seen as more attractive and more intelligent than their rivals in love.

The most common languages used in businesses were French, German, Italian and Spanish”

Languages do matter!

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