Language Matters

Kathleen Stein Smith, Ph.D

Humanities Jobs Decline (French and other languages increase)

Humanities Jobs Decline (French and other languages increase)

“Numbers-wise, the report wasn’t wholly disappointing, with Feal noting a win for  language diversity, based on job ads: Among foreign languages, Spanish jobs  remained predominant but continued on a multiyear pattern of decline, to 34  percent of all positions from 36 the previous year.The second-most popular  language, French, rose to 22 percent of all jobs from 17 percent the previous  year. (Note: Because listed positions belong to various departments, both  English and foreign languages lists add up to more than 100 percent.)  Other rising languages included German and Scandinavian; Russian and Slavic;  Arabic; and Japanese, all with slight percentage increases. Chinese stayed  relatively flat year-over-year, at 8 percent of jobs listed.”

Languages do matter!

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